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Hispanic manThe Spanish and Hispanic studies department meets the demands and expectations of students as they confront the global situation of the third millennium in which the language and cultures of the Hispanic world play a crucial role.

The program is built on the premise that language and culture are inseparable: every step in the process of becoming proficient in language must be rooted in culture and, conversely, language proficiency is the necessary foundation for all true understanding of culture.

We promote the intellectual and moral expansion that must typify a liberal arts education, making students more conscious of the linguistic dimension that is the essence of human society and deepening their understanding of how identity is both product and producer of the fabric of culture.

About The Spanish & Hispanic Studies Department

dancers, architectureDelving into the ethnically diverse and conflictive genesis of both imperial Spain and colonial Latin America, our program traces some of the main features and events of the Hispanic world, as it has evolved and continues to evolve, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Covering the multifaceted cultural topography of Spain and Latin America, as well as the relatively new manifestations of Hispanic culture in the U.S., the Spanish and Hispanic Studies department offers, by definition, a profoundly multicultural academic experience, one firmly grounded in bilingualism and intended for students of diverse backgrounds. Recent innovations include the integration of the latest multimedia technology in order to create a fully interactive learning experience that encompasses the cultural richness of the Hispanic world.

All Spanish and Hispanic studies students are strongly advised to study one semester abroad. The department sponsors two off campus programs: one in Madrid, Spain, and one in Santiago, Dominican Republic. In these programs students live with families, take all courses in the target language, and speak only in Spanish. The Colleges also have programs in Ecuador and Mexico and some course credits from these programs may, with approval of the department, be counted toward a major or minor. A maximum of four course credits from off campus study may be applied to the major, two to the minor.

Spanish and Hispanic studies courses are organized into four sequential levels:

  1. Fundamental skills
  2. Advanced skills
  3. Introduction to culture and literature
  4. Advanced culture and literature

Courses at the 100 level focus on fundamental language skills and must be taken in sequence. Courses at the 200 level develop advanced language skills. Courses numbered 300 through 339 are an introduction to Hispanic culture and literature, and courses numbered 340 and above offer an advanced exploration of Hispanic culture and literature.

Where We Are Located

Smith Hall

The HWS Spanish & Hispanic Studies Department is located in Smith Hall.

For more information, please contact:

The Spanish & Hispanic Studies Department
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Smith Hall 207
Geneva, NY 14456
phone (315) 781-3632
fax (315) 781-3822


Smith Hall

Spanish & Hispanic Studies News

For more information, contact:

Juan Liebana, Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies, ext. 3633, 309 Smith Hall

Administrative Assistant:
Dorothy Vogt

Smith Hall 212
(8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.)

Fax: 781-3822